About MontanaEMS

MontanaEMS is the web home of the Central Montana EMS conference, dedicated to the education of Emergency providers in the state of Montana. The providers of Emergency Care in the state of Montana work under unique conditions, in remote areas, often with little backup and certainly with little educational opportunity. Montana EMS will change that. Providing high yield, low cost educational opportunities to providers of all levels.

Who Is MontanaEMS?

MontanaEMS is the brainchild of Michael A. Jasumback, MD FACEP and his amazing wife and muse Danine Jasumback, RRT.   Fancy words, but I am a practicing ED Physician and EMS Medical Director with a passion for EMS education.  Danine is an RRT with 26 years of critical care experience.  I have been involved with EMS since 1991 when as a medical student at the University of Washington I did a month long rotation with King County EMS under the direction of Michael Copass, MD.   Since that time my wife and I have spent years developing EMS education for local, regional and national EMS conferences.  I have directed Ground, Helicopter and Fixed wing EMS.  Our goal is simply, to provide the best EMS education we can to the providers of Montana.

How Can I Help?

Montana EMS is run by volunteers and funded fully by donations and registration fees.   If you would like to help, please go to:


In the “Other Program” box indicate “EMS Conference”

Thank you for your support!